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types of projects

General Contracting

We obtain projects through public bidding, private bidding or negotiated contracts. Our responsibilities include all the work required to complete construction or renovation, including providing labor and materials, hiring and overseeing subcontractors, ensuring that the plans and specifications are adhered to and compliance with building codes. We provide the highest technical, ethical and safety standards to complete the project on time and within budget.

Design Build

Sarazin General Contractors works with architects, designers or engineers to provide our clients with an all-inclusive package. One of the benefits of having the contractor collaborate with the designer and owner from inception is the ability to change and adapt the design and construction. This process creates cost saving opportunities for the client as well as a truly custom tailored project.

Construction Management

When hired as a construction manager, we administer the project and manage the subcontractors. Many owners are finding that hiring a construction manager can save money and facilitate the successful completion of a project. Our contract administrators and superintendents will provide assurance that the plans and specifications are being adhered to. We will also monitor compliance with building codes and safety measures. We will work with owners to provide the most reliable subcontractors at competitive pricing.

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